Daniel Maidman’s Pre-Convention Hands-On Workshop

Life Drawing with Vitality and Individuality

Workshop Dates: Sat., Nov 9 12:00pm – 5:00 pm & Sun., Nov 10 9:00 am – 2:45 pm.

This workshop will focus on drawing not “the figure” in general, but “this person” in particular — this specific living individual with whom we are spending time. We will develop our understanding of light, form, and anatomy, as well as our sensitivity to the media we are using. These skills will serve to help us capture what makes our sitters unique — even a single curve, the tension in one group of muscles, the turn of a head or a hand. To learn to see and draw these unique events is the start of breathing life into the drawing. Vitality and individuality will be our goals.

This is a hands-on workshop. Please bring the following materials:

– 4 sheets of Rives BFK Tan Heavyweight printmaking paper; each 22” x 30” sheet should be torn or cut into 11” x 15” quarters, yielding a total of 16 quarter-sheets

– A drawing board and clips to hold the paper

– 3x 3B pencils (Staedtler is great)

– 3 white Prismacolor pencils

– 1 sharpener (pre-test to make sure it works with Prismacolor pencils, which are more delicate than ordinary pencils –  KUM CORREC sharpener works, as well as M+R and Muji sharpeners – sharpeners with reservoirs are recommended, as white pencils need constant sharpening)

– 1 Pentel clic eraser or other rubber eraser (not gum eraser)

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Highlighted Works: