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Patricia Watwood

“Patricia Watwood is a leading figure in the contemporary figurative movement. Her work has been exhibited at the Beijing World Art Museum, The European Museum of Modern Art, The Butler Museum, St. Louis University Museum of Art, and The New Britain Museum of American Art. Her commissioned portraits hang in institutions such as St. Louis City Hall, Washington University, Kennedy School of Government, and Harvard University.

Watwood earned her MFA from New York Academy of Art, and studied with Jacob Collins as a founding member of the Water Street Atelier. Watwood has produced instructional DVDs including “Creating Portraits from Life,” with Streamline Art Video, has been a professor of drawing at New York Academy of Art, and is a featured art instructor with She has written articles for American Artist, American Arts Quarterly, and Fine Art Connoisseur magazines.
IG @patriciawatwood”

Highlighted Works