Here’s what previous attendees had to say about FACE

How fabulous to gather with artists around the world in a huge ballroom and do what we love! Even though everyone had enjoyed a full day from dawn to dusk in lectures and demos, we couldn’t wait to get started at 6pm to wet our brushes and paint (or draw) from a choice of 10 models! You could feel the energy in the room! 

Chris Kling

There is a huge variety of instruction. I have been an artist for 40 years and still learned so much.

Karen Frieda Kaiser

The value surpasses the cost to attend. The fact that I could greet supporters and collectors of my work and thank them with a handshake and develop those friendships and with other artists makes this event immeasurably valuable. If I have to save all year, I am going to attend next year!

Brianna Lee

Well rounded conference of demos, educational discussions, and meaningful conversation and connections.

Mardie Rees

It’s about the unexpected connections, revelations and Aha moments. The experience is complex to describe because it is deeper than the listed agendas and programing. Great job everyone!!

Suzanne Johnson

You are participating in the future of a “New Renaissance” along side those who have ushered it in and those who will take to the generations yet to come. You rub elbows with the finest artists creating today.

Krystal Brown

This conference has substance; it is truly designed for the contemporary living artist. Demonstrations, workshops, studio time and lectures were available from 8 AM until 11:15 at night. The conference is dynamic, relevant and meaningful.

Mary Catherine Watson

Fabulous learning opportunities. The experience can change your direction and promote better habits, methods, more positive energy and joy.

Sara Jane Reynolds

It has been a fantastic experience that has marked my life, my knowledge and my sense. I enjoyed every minute of this great event.

Michael Cervantes

Great opportunity to meet so many artists, learn so much from both the instructors and attendees. Do a pre-workshop! It was amazing.

Kelli Folsom

Thoroughly enjoyed FACE 2018! Thank you to the fabulous team who put it all together. Thanks to all the faculty who presented and inspired! Thank you for continuing to coordinate an event that will be so instrumental in the new renaissance that is occurring. For connecting generations and individuals through the love of representational figurative art! Thank you for providing an opportunity for us to paint together in the studio as well! There was so much to do that I only got 20 minutes with this beautiful model. No photo was taken thank heavens, or I wouldn’t have been able to let this go where it went. What we do is needed. What you all do is needed.

Krystal Brown

Great fun painting these fab models after the days of inspiring demos and slide shows. My fingers were itching!

Sandi Botstein

An awesome experience….thank you!

Vandra Pentecost

I want to thank you for such a fabulous convention this past week in Miami.  I am tough to please and I was impressed many times over. Everything about the week was inspiring, enriching and far reaching for me as a painter, instructor and professor of representational drawing and painting.  I have taken many workshops, but have not been in a venue where there was the opportunity to learn from so many groundbreaking and influential, accomplished working artists. Since getting home, I have thought about my time at FACE almost constantly as I continue to carry the powerful experiences into my thinking and into my studio practice.

As a result, I expect to work more confidently, more boldly and with tested ideas about materials and techniques.  Nothing compares to watching a master at work, and you gathered many masters who were all open and generous to us, their students and audience. Though all your instructors worked differently, there were no contradictions, and clearly they respect and support each other.  I am spreading the news of this incredible week to my colleagues and my painting community, I look forward to seeing you next year in Williamsburg.

Again, my thanks and congratulations!!!


Another inspiring FACE conference. Delighted to see so many demos and meet the top figurative artists in the world. Congratulations to Burt Silverman for his lifetime achievement award and to Eric Rhoads for making happen! Also, loved this beautiful hotel, what a brilliant few days!

Kathleen Carr

Demos are great for every level of artists. Never talked down to or over. Wonderful snippets of humor.

J Douglas

The accomplished painters are approachable. Very hands on, lots of understandable information.

Rodney Collins

A big thanks to the “Figurative Art Convention & Expo” for this amazing week. What a great excitement and honor to be surrounded with all those amazing generous artists that have shared with us their art experiences.

Therese Basha

Variety of artists, methods, personalities. There is something for everyone. And it is so inspiring. Really gives you a jump start and possibly even new direction.

Starr Daubenmire

Extremely inspirational – Rose Franzen Demos her alla prima approach from Chaos to order. This was a brilliant demo to sit in on and it’s definitely giving me some ah ha moments to bring home and experiment in my studio. Thank you #face18 for this phenomenal opportunity.

Jessica D Perez