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The Representational Art Conference (TRAC)

November 8th – 11th 2017
Biltmore Hotel, Miami, Florida


Call for Papers

3rd wave abstract submissions due October 6th, 2017

TRAC2017 is specifically interested in papers about the human figure in 21st Century representational art. What does it say about our current condition? What ideals of the self does it seek to express? How does it relate to the history of figurative art? What does it tell us about our current social reality? Does the artist have a new role? What cross-cultural themes will dominate 21st Century figurative art?

We invite paper proposals from academic writers and working artists.

Paper topics might include, but are not limited to:

  • — New 21st Century figurative sculpture, painting, drawing
  • — Idealization of the masculine and feminine in 21st Century figurative art
  • — Magical realism in new American art
  • — How does the 21st Century figure differ from that of previous centuries?
  • — Why the figure? Why now?
  • — Figure to ground – the human figure in the landscape in 21st Century art
  • — Bo Bartlett
  • — Antonio López García
  • — Gottfried Helnwein
  • — 21st Century figurative art in museum collections
  • — Exploitation versus celebration of the erotic in 21st Century representational art
  • — Emotional rescue – the therapeutic role of figurative art
  • — What is the future of the kitsch figure?
  • — The meta-narrative of the 21st Century figure
  • — The discombobulated figure – when is a figure not a figure?
  • — Interpreting the Crystal Bridges collection
  • — George Lucas and the Museum of Narrative Art
  • — Graphic novels as fine art?
  • — Selfies, portraits and self-knowledge. The self in 21st Century figurative art
  • — Censoring the 21st Century figure
  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png.
    No more than 800px in any direction. Only jpg, gif, and png files under 2mb allowed.
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Authors of accepted papers must register for the conference and provide for their own accommodation. When a paper is accepted to The Representational Art Conference (TRAC) we respond to the author with an email that can be used to apply for funding from the author’s home institution. TRAC cannot fund registration or accommodation for the authors of academic papers.

The author of any paper selected for publication in TRAC2017’s Proceedings will be responsible for obtaining the rights to any images used to illustrate their work. *

I accept the above terms if my abstract is accepted to The Representational Art Conference 2017.


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