Project Description

Candice Bohannon

Candice Bohannon (b. 1982 Sacramento, California) earned her BFA from the Laguna College of Art and Design. Her paintings, drawings and sculptures include penetrating, emotive figurative pieces, and intensely studied works from life and nature.

“I strive to portray the real yet intangible emotions, experiences, memories, and expectations of a living being; to capture the glimmer of life, the ethereal nature of the human soul, and our eternal search for comfort and familiarity in the sublime unknown. “

Her award winning work is contemporary yet naturalistic, soulful yet rational, and explores the deeply complex realm of human experience. It has been featured in dozens of publications, exhibited in several countries and museums, and is currently available through her website and several galleries throughout the US. She is married to fellow artist, Julio Reyes. The couple recently relocated to Texas, had their first child, and has begun offering workshops together.

Highlighted Works