There is something for every figurative and portrait artist!

Why The Figurative Art Convention & Expo Is Important to the Realism Movement

Traditionally, museum-quality realists haven’t had a conference of their own. There just wasn’t a dedicated block of time where these artists could focus on learning to draw, sculpt, paint, and improve their overall skills with guidance from the world’s leading figurative artists.

Things Had to Change for the Better!

That all changed in 2017 when Fine Art Connoisseur magazine hosted the first Figurative Art Convention & Expo (FACE) in Miami, Florida, USA.

The time had come to create a special event for artists who wanted to break away from the rules-driven figurative art clubs and events so they could learn and network in a more relaxed environment. 

FACE is fun, challenging, and is designed to offer you information, education, and inspiration in a creative and informal atmosphere. 

One of the greatest advantages to attending FACE is that you have the option to put your new knowledge and skills into action — with our optional Studio Pass, you can paint live figure models alongside faculty and peers who are all there to support one another. 

This is for YOU!

There is something for every figurative and portrait artist at FACE! Whether your style is academic or loose & free, this event is for you!

Keeping it Real… and Alive!

We believe it’s important to keep the figurative and realism movement alive in a world that often doesn’t acknowledge its existence. You’ll be sharing your ideas and hearing ideas from others about how we can work together to spread our movement, engage more buyers and collectors, and gain our due recognition.

The Missing Link

Most art training is missing a very important element which is important to many figurative and portrait artists — how to succeed at selling your artwork. You’re covered on this topic at FACE. As a bonus, your registration affords you the option to attend our morning sessions on how to market your art, how to engage and interest galleries, and how to grow your career so that you thrive.

We Don’t Mean to Brag…

Please know we say this humbly, but we’re really good at this stuff! We’ve got years of experience running killer art conventions where people learn more in a week than they could in years, have tons of fun doing it, and leave having become much better at their art.

Then, our attendees rave about the event and invite their friends to join in with them the next time. This is exactly what’s happened with FACE — we built it and people came. Now they’re coming back and they’re bringing friends and fellow artists with them. But even with its growing popularity, FACE is a pretty intimate setting where you’ll get to meet others who share your passion for figurative and portrait art.

Attending Alone? Not for Long!

We start out with orientation sessions to help any attendees (new and seasoned) to acclimate. We explain how things are laid out, what their choices are, and most importantly, offer friend-matching activities so you’ll have people to hang out with or go out to meals with. There’s no pressure though — if you’re a loner and like it that way, you’ll still have one of the best experiences ever!

This event is the result of two dedicated art enthusiasts dreaming about a figurative- and portrait-focused event. Together, Peter Trippi and Eric Rhoads of Fine Art Connoisseur magazine have made it happen. For a decade, Fine Art Connoisseur has served as a beacon to bring national attention to the realism movement. This event is the natural next step for artists who dream of creating masterpieces.