B.A. Art Education, B.F.A. Fine Art
The Da Vinci Initiative/ARC


The Da Vinci Initiative: Changing the Culture of Art Education

The Da Vinci Initiative (DVI) is a non-profit educational institution that provides visual literacy training to art teachers in order to foster a skill-based approach to contemporary art education.

DVI outreach programs include workshops, conference sessions, and online resources.

The focus of this paper is on the many ways individuals passionate about art education can support the work of training art teachers in skill-based methods, and thus contribute to the movement to create a meaningful shift towards skill-based art education.


About Amanda

Mandy Theis (Hallenius) is a classically trained artist who graduated from the Aristides Atelier in Seattle, Washington. She has also studied with Kamille Corry, Jeffrey Mims, and Paul Ingbretson. She holds a B.A. degree in art education and co-founded the non-profit art education organization the Da Vinci Initiative with Kara Ross in 2014. She regularly travels the country exhibiting her artwork and hosting workshops for art teachers in order to bring atelier training into K-12 art classrooms.