The Changing Global Art Market and the Future of the Professional Artist

With galleries closing and markets changing, what do artists need to know to position themselves for success in this quickly shifting landscape? Shannon Robinson, chairperson of Collectors for Connoisseurship, a new national network of artists and collectors will provide a big-picture look at today’s global art market—its strengths, weaknesses, and areas of opportunity for artists.

About Shannon

Shannon Robinson is a former corporate litigator who retired to become the president of a nonprofit foundation known as Windows to the Divine which promotes patronage and philanthropy through the arts. In 2015, the foundation launched a new national network of artists and collectors called Collectors for Connoisseurship. Through exhibitions, symposia and salons hosted in collaboration with museums and other nonprofits, the foundation encourages everyone to become a patron of the arts by collecting original art and supporting the vocation of the living artist. The foundation also promotes the vocation and charitable works of the Dominicans in Denver in their service of the poor and elderly.As an art collector for over 30 years, Shannon is passionate about the arts and education. Her work as an advocate for artists and art collecting has been featured in several arts publications.