Accelerate Your Growth as an Artist and Enhance the Quality of Your Work.

4 Days of Workshops, Demonstrations, and Lectures From the World’s Leading Artists

“I am tough to please and was impressed many times over. I have taken many workshops, but have not been in a venue where there was the opportunity to learn from so many groundbreaking and influential accomplished working artists.” — Amy Bartlett Wright, Artist/Art Professor

What Is The Figurative Art Convention & Expo?

A New Renaissance. For the past 100 years, modern art has dominated the art scene. Because of this, 600-year-old painting techniques that had been passed along from generation to generation were almost lost. Artists around the world have rediscovered these old techniques and are applying them to fresh, new contemporary paintings. There is a movement of artists who consider traditional painting the new modern art. FACE is at the center of that movement.

FACE is for contemporary artists who are passionate about realism, driven to create masterpieces, and who wish to refine their skills. Study for five days under the greatest artists and art professionals alive today to explode your painting ability and gain deeper insights into the painting world. See dozens of approaches and styles. Hear the philosophy and language of painting. Meet the greatest artists alive today, and watch them paint and draw. Refine YOUR craft while interacting with others in your tribe.

Join Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine’s Eric Rhoads and Peter Trippi, and Over 20 Speakers and Famous Artists from Around the World

More faculty to be announced.

Carolyn Anderson2019-10-10T10:58:21-05:00
Jennifer Balkan2019-10-10T12:29:50-05:00
Laura Pass Barry2019-10-10T12:30:02-05:00
Jim & Ann Belk2019-10-10T12:30:20-05:00
Loryn Brazier2019-10-10T12:30:59-05:00
Wende Caporale2019-10-10T12:31:28-05:00
Gabriela Gonzalez Dellosso2019-10-10T12:31:58-05:00
Daniel Greene2019-10-10T12:33:32-05:00
Eric Johnson2019-10-10T12:33:43-05:00
Jennifer Kirby2019-10-10T12:33:54-05:00
Michael Klein2019-10-10T12:34:11-05:00
Joshua LaRock2019-10-10T12:37:56-05:00
Daniel Maidman2019-10-10T12:38:06-05:00
Tony Mastromatteo2019-10-10T12:38:14-05:00
Charles Miano2019-10-10T12:38:21-05:00

Every year, the Figurative Art Convention brings the foremost artists in their fields to share their best practices and techniques with you for five days of high-impact art instruction. It’s your chance to be part of a family of artists and to learn from the very top painters in the world.

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A Message From Your Hosts:

Eric Rhoads & Peter Trippi

For the price of a single workshop, you can learn the techniques of more than 20 painters. 

Plus, they will work with you.

  • Improve Your Drawing and Painting: World-class painters teaching and coaching you.
  • Practice What You’ve Learned: Daily studio painting to try what you discovered earlier. (Optional, fee required.)
  • Meet Famous Artists: Get to know the icons of painting.
  • Become a part of the classical realism movement: You’ll no longer feel alone.
  • Make New Friends: Our orientation will introduce you to people so you’ll never be by yourself.
  • Watch dozens of painting demonstrations: Sample many different painting styles and approaches.
  • A Giant Expo Hall of Art Materials: A candy store of discount art supplies.
  • Learn Art Marketing: How to make your paintings sell in sessions by Fine Art Connoisseur Publisher Eric Rhoads.
  • Plein Air Painting: On the streets of Old Williamsburg, with costumed figures in their historical environment.
  • Grow Your Knowledge: Learn from top curators and art experts.
  • Enhance Your Personal Network: Meet artists and professionals with whom you can collaborate.
  • Meet Your Tribe: Get to know others who share your passions.

Sell more art than you ever thought possible.

We teach you how.

The life you want, the travel you want, the retirement you want, are going to be fueled by the art business you build. A powerful art marketing session to help you sell more art than ever before – it’s worth the price of admission to the convention.


Held in Colonial Williamsburg, Home of American Portraiture

A Historic Setting with a History of Paintings

Colonial Williamsburg is a living museum, originally preserved by John D. Rockefeller. The streets of Colonial Williamsburg house period shops, homes, and taverns from the times of the Revolutionary War. We will do plein air (outdoor) painting on the streets with costumed models to pose in this setting for one afternoon during the convention. The hotel and conference center sits alongside the DeWitt Wallace Museum of Decorative Arts, which houses many significant paintings. The accommodations are beautiful, making a memorable setting for the Figurative Art Convention.

Notice: Seat Sales Are Ahead of Last Year and Will Sell Fast

Due to FACE’s location near many major metropolitan areas, our registration is already double what it was by this time last year, and that may be an indication of an early sellout. We recommend you hold your seat now.

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“If you care about advancing as a figurative artist, this is mandatory. It feeds your work on every level.”

-Barb Williams

Why Attend FACE 2019?


Be Part of the New Realism Movement. We believe that collaboration and unified effort will build recognition for artists participating in the Figurative Art Convention as we strive to create collector awareness and visibility for this growing realism movement.


The Figurative Art Convention is the experience of a lifetime. Make new friends, learn from the world’s top artists, paint amazing beauty, learn to sell more art, and get access to great art materials. It’s fun! Be ready to laugh a lot.


Sample and buy the latest materials and products in our Expo Hall, which includes many materials you won’t find in stores. A chance to get to know the suppliers and ask questions about their products.

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Every year, the Figurative Art Convention brings the foremost artists in their fields to share their best practices and techniques with you for five days of high-impact art instruction. It’s your chance to be part of a family of artists and to learn from the very top painters in the world.

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Learn How to Become an Accomplished Painter


A Pre-Convention Workshop

by Casey Baugh

In this two day observation-only workshop you’ll watch Casey pose and photograph a model, and then do a full painting demonstration from the model. You’ll see two different model sessions and two different demonstrations so you can implement these styles in your own work.

Watch Russian Master Nikolai Blokhin Paint Live On Stage!

A rare treat to see this world-acclaimed artist paint on stage. Blokhin is a former professor at the acclaimed Repin Institute of the Russian Academy of Art in St. Petersburg, one of the world’s finest art schools. He has had over 100 exhibitions around the world and his paintings command record-breaking prices. He is known for his dramatic gestures and for combining the abstract with the traditional. This historic moment is not to be missed.

“Nikolai Blokhin’s numerous exhibitions around the world, his commercial success, his critical acclaim, and his many awards, combined with his prestigious position as Professor of Drawing at the Saint-Petersburg Academy of Arts, are all contributors in making his name famous in the art world. — Eric Rhoads, Publisher, Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine”

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What Past Attendees Say About FACE

“This conference has substance; it is truly designed for the contemporary living artist. Demonstrations, workshops, studio time, and lectures were available from 8 a.m. until 11:15 at night. The conference is dynamic, relevant, and meaningful.” – Mary Catherine Watson

“There is a huge variety of instruction. I have been an artist for 40 years and still learned so much.”  – Karen Frieda Kaiser

“High caliber of professional artists. Demos by these artists. Connections with like minds. We all speak the same language! Camaraderie very professional and well organized.” – Nora Venturelli

“Variety of artists, methods, personalities. There is something for everyone. And it is so inspiring. Really gives you a jump start and possibly even new direction.” – Starr Daubenmire

“One of the most informative and worthwhile experiences for anyone who is an artist in training or emerging artist. You learn so much and get to interact with great, like-minded people.” – Khanh Mai

“It has been by far the best experience I’ve had as an artist outside my studio or Atelier.” – Santiage E. Perez

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  • Includes all sessions, all stages, all demos for one price. Studio with model an additional $197 VIP Package Upgrade an additional $597
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If you don’t find the convention an awesome experience worth the price after the first day of sessions, let us know and we will refund 100% of your money and send you on your way.