Project Description

Elizabeth Hulings

Elizabeth Hulings, daughter of artist Clark Hulings, is the founder of The Clark Hulings Fund for Visual Artists (CHF). Elizabeth is a strategist who drives organizational achievement by insisting on clarity of purpose, detailed planning, and conclusive action. Her leadership at The Clark Hulings Fund brings practical business training and strategic toolsets to working artists who are not provided those things by art or business schools, but who increasingly require self-reliant entrepreneurial skills in the evolving marketplace. Elizabeth also heads the business strategy consulting firm Counterpoise, and manages her father’s estate. Before launching Counterpoise in 2001 and CHF in 2011, Elizabeth worked on (and lived through) five Fortune-500 mergers and honed her skills at multiple nonprofit organizations. Born in New York and raised in New Mexico, she holds an M.A. in Latin American Studies from Stanford University, a B.A. in International Relations and History from Tufts University, and the Alliançe Française I. |