Project Description

Elkin Canas

I’m a Venezuelan figurative painter, born in 1974. Drawing was always part of my life, and I discovered my passion for painting at an early age. After finishing high school I studied graphic design at the “Design Institute of Caracas”, and then attended the art School for 2 years. Then I started working and studying with the Italian painter and sculptor Francesco Santoro. I have participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions in my country, Colombia, USA, Spain and Italy. Between 2007 and 2009 I spent summers in Florence-Italy, painting and learning from my friends and fellow painters, and then in 2010 I moved to live and work in this beautiful city. My goal is to create high quality contemporary work, plenty of timeless beauty and permanence for centuries.

In 2013 I moved with my wife to Miami where we founded Chiaroscuro Studio of Art, an academy dedicated to representational art where we teach and paint our personal work.
I want to celebrate life and beauty through my painting, whether it be the human body and soul represented by Rembrandt, Velazquez and Repin, or the wonders of nature represented by Corot, Monet and Levitan.

Highlighted Works